With a wealth of Competition Experience we can prepare your vehicle to competition standard, be that off road 4x4, stage rallies or endurance rallies. Rob himself is a
Vehicle Preparation Specialist and can also provide you with Technical Advice on all aspects of:-
  • Overland Expeditions
  • Rally Car Preparation for all disciplines (Endurance, Stage etc)
  • Race Car Preparation
  • Roll Cages (ROPS) & Underbody Protection
  • 4x4 Building & Competition Preparation
  • Parts, Accessories & Oils
  • Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs & MOTs
  • Vehicle Collection and Delivery
  • MSA Scrutineering Issues & Log Books

Rob’s wealth of experience has been gained as both a competitor and in an official capacity covering both national and international events across all motorsports disciplines. Rob is a regular member of the Mechanical Support team for various long distance endurance rallies (Peking to Paris; Classic Monte; London Casablanca; New York to Alaska to name but a few)

Rob’s practical nature and mechanical knowledge plus first-hand knowledge of the pressures both man and machine face when undertaking these type of events, lead to an attention to detail that is hard to beat. He has a very clear understanding of exactly what punishment and conditions your vehicle will meet, so is in an excellent position to provide you with what is needed both in terms of car preparation, advice and moral support!

“To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail”

Very true in the world of motorsports so ............. Don’t leave it to chance, we can help you reach your destination, on time and fully prepared for the adventure ahead.