Q: My Car is still under warranty can I bring it to your garage?
A: We service many new vehicles – under EU Regulations you can have your vehicle serviced at a non-franchised outlet without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. Please ask us for further details and advice.

Q: Why is a Cambelt so important?
A: The cambelt (or drivebelt as it is sometimes called) has a specific life-span which is usually given in miles or years. Prior to this date it is important that it is replaced with a new one as, if it fails then some of the internal parts of the engine become ‘uncontrolled’ and can cause serious (and expensive damage). Ask us for specific details for your particular car.

Q: Will you think I’m being foolish if I say that I think there is something not quite right with my car, but I can’t explain what?
A: No, we will never see you as being foolish, you drive your car daily so are in a good position to know if something is ‘wrong’. Preventative maintenance is all about watching for the warning signs and this is one of them – so we will take you seriously.

Q: Do I have to book my car in for MOT on the date of expiry of the current certificate?
A: No, you are able to have your car tested in the 30 days prior to expiry of your current MOT. You will not lose any days by testing it early, the new certificate will be dated as from the original expiry date – in effect giving you cover in excess of the normal 12 months. By bringing your car in for an early MOT it does allow you to choose the most convenient date to suit your daily life and plans – and helps to spread your motoring costs.

Q: Can I leave my car with you overnight, will it be safe?
A: Yes, many customers do so and it will be locked up in the Workshop which is fully alarmed overnight.